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Temp Staffing

No two facilities are the same. Needs, budget, and volumes vary and fluctuate frequently. To ensure that we can provide you with the best service, Axcess offers multiple options when it comes to staffing.

What is it?

Temp Staffing is the process of hiring short term workers to help support on a seasonal or project base. Employees hired are placed on the agency payroll and are treated as employees of the agency.

We support companies of all sizes by providing them with recruitment services that allow them to hire for temporary jobs. Our direct involvement in the process plus our national network of recruiters allows us to find the best talent for you specific needs.

Our deep understanding of our clients needs, their facilities and environment are the foundation of our success. In this division, demand can change at any time. Having qualified recruiters who understand the sense of urgency within the light industrial sector and proactively seek potential candidates allows us to service our clients in an efficient manner.

Lets Talk Direct Hire

What is a perm placement? Permanent hires are a great thing when you already have your mind set on what role you are looking for and what kind of skillset you need. Perm placements are considerably more stable as they allow workers to build seniority and truly become part of a company and its culture.

Why Perm?

For Candidates

Candidate Benefits

Permanent or full-time workers often receive more comprehensive benefit packages.

Job Security

Job security and advancement opportunities

For Clients

Commited Candidates

Reduced turnover due to the increased commitment by workers.

Investment In Growth

Permanent employee view placements as a long-term investment in their growth. They are more likely to want to exceed in their new position in hopes of bettering the company they work with.