3 Reasons Why It’s Smart To Befriend Other Gig Workers

Perhaps you actively chose gig work because you enjoy the flexibility of moving from one project to the next. This is certainly a benefit that the typical 9-to-5 job does not offer, but it also comes with a potential drawback. When you work at several short-term assignments rather than a consistent employer, you could miss the opportunity to […]

Stay Organized: Our Favorite Physical And Digital Forms Of Time Management

There are a lot of great ways to stay organized. Which one’s best for you depends on whether you like to manage your time through physical or digital means. Some people prefer to have something they can hold in their hands. Others are happier with the convenience of online options. No matter which one you […]

How To Network As A Gig Worker

Gig work is becoming a more popular option all the time. According to a February 2020 survey conducted by the leading human resources company SHRM, 47 percent of executives are searching for contractors for high-level positions such as managers. Additionally, the Federal Reserve states that up to 75 million people in the United States meet the definition […]

3 Apps to Help Effectively Manage Your Time as an Independent Worker

As a gig worker or freelancer, time quite literally is money. Many people think that independent workers have it set because they get to create their own hours. But, many of us know that isn’t necessarily true. Technically you can make your own schedule at times. But, more often than not you are choosing from […]

How to Make the Most of а Temporary Job

In today’s job market, everyone’s a temporary worker or at a temporary job. Even the CEO of the best website design company in the US could be looking over their shoulder thinking about job security, not to mention freelancers or workers on temporary contracts. In other words, there’s no way to tell how long your current business relationship […]

No More Ghosting: How to Decline a Job Offer in a Professional Way

Getting a job offer can make you feel good about your future. But, what happens when you get an offer for a job you just know isn’t going to be a good fit for you? It can be hard to say no to a job, especially if times are tight or you need the income. Declining […]