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Absolutely not. We operate on behalf of our clients, as an extension of their HR department. Our clients provide us with a request of what they are looking to hire for and pay us for doing so. Our services are 100% free to use for candidates.

Our candidate screening process has multiple steps to ensure the best-fit candidate is presented to our clients, the process can also vary based on the complexity of the role and testing involved. Want to know more? Email us at [email protected]


To generalize a hiring timeline is to generalize all businesses and their needs. At Axcess, we understand that every client is different and do our best to form a timeline around their recruitment requirements. Of course, we can set rough guidelines on how long certain parts of the recruitment cycle may take, but overall, we try to do things as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible.

Our recruiters are always on the move hiring for multiple jobs at one time. Due to the high volume of applicants it can take some time to get to everyone but rest assured, you are important to us and we want to always have an open line of communication. If you want to follow up you are always welcome to email us directly at [email protected]

Temporary work caters to variety of different candidates. It allows you to ease your way back into the active working world while acquiring both knowledge and skills to further your career. It can also serve as an opportunity to provide you with different work experiences, thanks to the variety of contracts we have available.

Working with a recruitment agency is not something everyone has experience with, so it’s only natural to question why work with one. The main reason to work with an agency, is for the simplicity and ease it will bring to your job search.

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