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At Axcess, we offer a variety of staffing solutions to meet the needs of both our clients and our workers.

One of the services we offer is temporary staffing. With this solution, we provide workers on a short-term basis to fill temporary gaps in a company’s workforce. This can be a cost-effective way for companies to meet their staffing needs, and it provides workers with the opportunity to try out different types of work and industries.

Another solution we offer is direct hire staffing. With this service, we help companies find and hire workers on a permanent basis. We handle all aspects of the hiring process, from recruiting and screening to placement and onboarding. This can be a great option for companies looking to expand their workforce with high-quality, long-term employees.

In addition to temporary and direct hire staffing, we also offer a semi-permanent staffing solution called mini-perm. With mini-perm, we provide workers on a semi-permanent basis, with the option for the worker to become a permanent employee at the end of the assignment. This can be a good option for workers who are looking for longer-term opportunities, and it allows companies to try out workers before committing to a permanent hire.

Overall, we offer a range of staffing solutions to meet the needs of both our clients and our workers. Contact us today to learn more and find the right solution for your business.

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