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Guarantees vary based on contract terms. Speak to someone today by emailing [email protected] for more information.

Temporary work caters to variety of different candidates. It allows you to ease your way back into the active working world while acquiring both knowledge and skills to further your career. It can also serve as an opportunity to provide you with different work experiences, thanks to the variety of contracts we have available.


We cater to a wide variety of industries, by providing unparallel services in the following divisions: Technology, Industrial, Supply Chain & Logistics, Skilled Trades, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Food Services, Clerical & Administration, Construction & Development and Executive Search.

At Axcess, our focus is on being a technology-forward organization. Our technology partners allow us to provide our clients with technology that not only allows them to track time and attendance but also allows them to fill placements with relative ease. Our software “Workerly” comes in two packages, in the form of a phone app that uses GEO Fencing and Facial ID to ensure correct time tracking and the form of a Kiosk. Email [email protected] to book a demo.

AxcessTMS follows stringent guidelines to deliver quality candidates and maintain quality service to our clients. All our candidates undergo in-depth telephone and face-to-face interviews (video interviews during COVID-19), as well as comprehensive skills and other testing as required. Detailed supervisory references are conducted, typically by a third party not directly connected to the search to maintain neutrality and objectivity.

  • Our candidate screening process has multiple steps to ensure the best-fit candidate is presented to our clients, the process can also vary based on the complexity of the role and testing involved. Want to know more? Email us at [email protected]

To generalize a hiring timeline is to generalize all businesses and their needs. At Axcess, we understand that every client is different and do our best to form a timeline around their recruitment requirements. Of course, we can set rough guidelines on how long certain parts of the recruitment cycle may take, but overall, we try to do things as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible.